Charles R. McNulty*
Title: Class of 1983

Charlie McNulty, for already 40 years you have been enriching the lives of everyone who has come in contact with WPI athletics for as a teacher, coach and administrator you have been a cornerstone of WPI's fine athletic reputation throughout New England.

As a football coach from 1945 to 1981, head basketball coach from 1947 to 1966 and head baseball coach from 1946 to 1983, your career has had more than its share of success. But records and statistics don't tell the full story of a coach's ability. Your greatest successes have been helping WPI students reach their true potential, both as athletes and as people.

The true barometer of one's abilities as a coach is respect from one's peers. You have received the highest honors from two organizations that server the sports for which you were a head coach. In 1968 you were honored by the Worcester County Basketball Coaches, Sportswriters, and Sportscasters, for your "Contribution to Basketball." In 1981 you received the Jack Butterfield Award from the New England Baseball Coaches Association for your "Devotion to the Improvement of college baseball and for outstanding coaching qualities."

You have served WPI for 38 years and you have been a model of consistency, professionalism and leadership. Throughout your career you have epitomized the axiom of leading by example.

Charlie McNulty, tonight we honor you for your extraordinary athletic achievement with your induction as a charter member of the WPI Athletic Hall of Fame.