Merl M. Norcross (Coach)
Title: Class of 1986
Organization: Track and Field

Merl Norcross, in the last four decades you have dedicated your time, energy and enthusiasm to WPI, its athletes and athletics, as one of the most well-liked and well-respected members of the Athletic Department staff. Your unselfish efforts have been conspicuous by their successes.

Your accomplishments as mentor of the WPI men's track and field team since 1954 are unequaled at the small-college level. You have directed your charges through 19 consecutive winning seasons. Your amazing record of 176-96-3 is a tribute to your knowledge of the sport at WPI and to the talent which you consistently develop into strong competitors.

Track and field, though, has not been your sole area of coaching concentration nor the only area in which your presence has made a difference. From 1952-1962, you directed the men's junior varsity basketball team with your usual success. You also lent your experience to the Engineer football team as an assistant coach for 25 years, from 1952 to 1977. Not one to take it easy, you grabbed the reins as assistant men's cross country coach in 1978, and in 1980 took over the head coaching duties which you still hold.

Nationally, your knowledge of the sport of track and field was recognized and from 1970 through 1977 you were a respected member of the NCAA National Track and Field Rules Committee.

An outstanding athlete yourself, you enjoyed a stellar sports career at Kingston, Pennsylvania, High School, where you starred in football, basketball and track.

You then matriculated at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where you played football and ran track. In football, you played on two Carolina bowl teams, the 1949 Sugar Bowl and the 1950 Cotton Bowl. While a member of the track team, you played an integral role in leading the Tar Heels to two Southern Conference championships by running sprints and hurdles.

Merl Norcross, coach and role model, it is with great pride and distinction that WPI honors you and your achievements, both past and to come, with your induction as a member of the WPI Athletic Hall of Fame.