Peter H. Horstmann '55
Title: Class of 1986

Peter Horstmann, your selfless dedication to WPI through the years and your outstanding contributions as a stuent/athlete have earned you the highest praise from every corner of the WPI .

As a quiet, confident co-captain of the 1954 football team, you helped lead the Engineers to their first unbeaten season in 16 years and set a precedent that would not be equaled for another 30 years. As a center on offense and linebacker on defense, you were recognized as an intelligent, fast-thinking ball player with sound fundamentals who led more through example then words. Your coaches and fellow players knew you as a man to whome they could turn, in times of both challenge and victory.

While football held your main athletic interest, you also found time for brief experiments with basketball and lacrosse. Wanting the best for all your fellow athletes at WPI, you worked hard as a member of the Athletic Council for two years and presided over that organization as a senior. You were also honored by your peers with your election to Skull.

After leaving WPI, your alma mater was never far from your mind and you kept welcomed hand in several areas and an open ear to requests. A founding member of the WPI Poly Club and a past president of the organization, you have also given your time when asked to be the master of ceremonies for the first three Hall of Fame inductions.

As if all that has not been enough, your concern for excellence has been particularly evident as you served as president of the WPI Alumni Association and currently as a leading member of the Institute's Board of Trustees. You have also distinguished yourself as a top-rated college football official and as an excellent tennis player and skier. Everywhere you turn you command respect of the highest order.

Truer words were never written than those beneath y our senior-class picture in the 1954 Peddler;"He did so much and said so little." In though, that sentiment could be expanded to say he does so much in a quiet, respected way.

Peter Horstmann, it is with deep gratitude and admiration that WPI can in some small way repay you for all you've done for WPI with your induction into the WPI Athletic Hall of Fame.