Ralph W. White '23 *
Title: Class of 1988

Ralph White, your masterly achievements in basketball have earned you a place among the most esteemed members of the WPI athletic community.

In your position as back, you played a guarding game with a speed that never failed to separate the opposing forward from the basket. During your four years on the team, you scored an amazing 140 points against your opponents' combined total of 252. You were an iron man, playing in 60 out of 62 games. In the course of your career you helped lead your team to two consecutive New England championships, serving as captain in your senior year.

Your defensive skills and dedication brought you recognition as one of the best guards in collegiate basketball and you were named to the All-Worcester team in 1923.

In addition to playing basketball, you were a member of the varsity track and cross country teams. Your total involvement in campus life is reflected in your membership to Skull and Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, your election to class office each of your four years and your leadership within the Athletic Association.

Ralph White, it is with much pride and honor that tonight we induct you into the WPI Athletic Hall of Fame.