J. Philip Pierce '31 *
Title: Class of 1989

Phil Pierce, your athletic ability in cross country and track were admired by many. A novice, you ran your first race in the spring of 1928 after some friends pushed you up to the starting line. Much to your surprise, you won that race and joined the cross country team in 1929.

You became a tenacious runner, learning how, through drive and stubbornness, to take the lead and hold it. Your most memorable victory happened out of sight of  the crowds, as you raced shoulder to shoulder with an RPI runner over fields and up and down hills, holding out to grab the victory.

In your junior year you captained the cross country tean, an honor you earned through your skill. During your senior year, you had much to be proud of. In the fall of 1930 you captained the cross country team for the second year in a row. Buoyed by your inspiration and your remarkable talent, the team had a spectacular season, winning all six of its meets. 

In the spring of 1931, you were captain of the track team. You reached another milestone that year, winnning every two-mile race in dual meets. Next up was the Eastern intercollegiate championship, and again you captured the tow-mile race-truly a race to the finish. You ended your collegiate career fittingly, as a champion. 

You excelled in the classroom as well. You were elected to Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor society, and were a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. Later in life you gave back some of what you received at WPI by becoming a teacher of mathematics. Students who were fortunate enough to have you as a professor came to know you as a caring and dedicated human being. 

Phil Pierce, tonight we proudly honor you for your outstanding athletic achievements bu including you into the WPI Athletic Hall of Fame.