Patricia Graham Flaherty '75
Title: Class of 1993

Patricia Graham Flaherty, you were instrumental in establishing a women's athletic program at WPI. As a player, a captain and a coach, you organized every facet of the original women's programs, and you served as a catalyst to elevate women's sports to varsity status.

As an athlete, you competed in field hockey, basketball and softball, and played on several of the early women's club teams. But you were much more than an athlete. You were elected to Skull and Pi Mu Epsilon, the mathematics honor society. In 1974, you received the Two Towers Prize, among WPI's most coveted student honors. The following year you were elected class president, becoming the first woman to ever gold such an office. And in 1979, you were included in the publication Outstanding Young Women of America.

In 1978, the Institute established the Patricia Graham Flaherty Award in recognition of your seminal contributions to women's athletics on campus. Every year the award is presented to the outstanding senior woman athlete.

Your love for your alma mater transcends athletics. You have served WPI well since your graduation. You have been a devoted and active participant in the WPI Alumni Association and have served, among many other posts, as president of the Poly Club. In 1984 WPI honored you with its John Boynton Award for young Alumni.

Patricia Graham Flaherty, it is a great honor and privilege to recognize all you have done to elevate the Institute's athletic program by welcoming you into the Athletic Hall of Fame.