Hangin' with the Herd - Baseball's Keith Scales

Keith Scales

WPI is proud to unveil our newest feature "Hangin' with the Herd".  Check in throughout the next few weeks as we profile a different WPI student-athlete and learn more about why they chose WPI, they favorite memories of their team and time on Boynton Hill and some fun insight about them away from their sport. 

Today we feature Keith Scales from Baseball.  Keith is a senior pitcher from Upper Marlboro, MD.  He is majoring in mechanical engineering.

Why did you choose WPI: I chose WPI because I could continue playing the sport I love while pursuing a degree at a prestigious school.

Favorite Athletics moment at WPI: My first win versus Gordon my freshman year. It was my first taste of college baseball success and garnered my teammates' and coaches' respect.

Favorite Class at WPI: ES2001 with Woody. Great class.Shoutout the homie Liang.

Favorite (non-athletics facility) spot at WPI: The wedge my freshman year and the campus center all years after.

Favorite emoji: ��‍♂️

Someone famous/interesting who follows me on Social media: Jose Bautista

Favorite sports team growing up: Washington Nationals and New York Yankees

Go-to pregame meal: Chipotle is my pre-everything meal

My coach is awesome because: He's always looked out for us and has wanted us to go out and have fun with every win

Funniest teammate: Guacamole Joey

Favorite team road trip location: Coast Guard. By far.

If I didn't play my current sport I would want to play: Football or Basketball. I like to hit kids hard and I like to get buckets on different heads. I'd have been like Deion Sanders or Michael Jordan

At our 25-year reunion, I will be: Still screaming #FNW. Easily. No questions asked. Also still clowning around with the coaches about how great of a hitter I'd have been throughout college.