Hangin' with the Herd - Men's Soccer's Rufus Adams

Hangin' with the Herd - Men's Soccer's Rufus Adams

WPI is proud to unveil our newest feature "Hangin' with the Herd".  Check in throughout the next few weeks as we profile a different WPI student-athlete and learn more about why they chose WPI, they favorite memories of their team and time on Boynton Hill and some fun insight about them away from their sport. 

Today we feature Rufus Adams from Men's Soccer.  Rufus is a junior goalkeeper from Duxbury, MA.  He is majoring in mechanical engineering.

Favorite Athletics moment at WPI: Winning an NCAA tournament game.

Favorite Class at WPI: Intro to CAD, ME 1310

Favorite (non-athletics facility) spot at WPI: DEKA, by the cookies.

I wish I knew this on my first day at WPI: There's a library on campus. You're allowed inside.

Favorite emoji: ��

Guilty Pleasure (TV/Movie): Mel Brooks movies. All of them.

Someone famous/interesting who follows me on Social media: A pizza place in my town, Duxbury Pizza.

Favorite sports team growing up: Stoke City FC.

Go-to pregame meal: Snacks over meals. Clif bars, chocolate chip.

My coach is awesome because: He's funny.

Funniest teammate: Mark Calnan

If I didn't play my current sport I would want to play: Rugby