Hangin' with the Herd - Men's Cross Country: Jake Scarponi

Jake Scarponi, Hangin- With the Herd, Men's Cross Country

WPI is proud to unveil our newest feature "Hangin' with the Herd".  Check in throughout the next few weeks as we profile a different WPI student-athlete and learn more about why they chose WPI, they favorite memories of their team and time on Boynton Hill and some fun insight about them away from their sport. 

Today as we wrap up volume 1 of "Hangin' with the Herd", we feature Jake Scarponi from Men's Cross Country (and Track and Field).  Jake is a senior from Barrington, NH.  He is majoring in aerospace engineering.

1) Why did you choose WPI: I chose WPI because of the many ways its curriculum is unique—the quarter system, project work, etc. Getting a better sense for what my coaches/teammates are like helped reaffirm my decision. (They're ok, I guess.)

2) Favorite Athletics moment at WPI: Many of my favorite athletic moments at WPI arise when the Track and Field team is at a championship meet. Naturally, all the individual performances are suddenly scored and vital to the team performance; everyone seems to shift gears and find new ways to bring out the best in one another. If I had to give the honor to one moment, though, 2019 XC Regionals was a great one. It takes a lot to pull together 7 strong performances all at once, but we all found a way to race well as a cohesive unit this past season. One of the best team races I've ever run

3) Favorite class at WPI: AE4718 – Advanced Materials with Aerospace Applications (no longer in the catalog, unfortunately)

4) Favorite non-athletic spot on campus: Higgins Labs AE lounge.

5) On my first day at WPI: I wish I knew how fast my time here would go by.

6) Favorite emoji: ��️

7) Guilty pleasure: James Nguyen's "Birdemic: Shock and Terror." The ultimate "so egregiously, horrendously, abrasively bad it's great" movie. The sequel is just bad, though.

8) Someone famous/interesting that follows me on social media: Old Goats Track Club, the premier up-and-coming New England track club that's constantly shattering headlines with an astonishing roster of alumni just like me! Sign up now, while USATFNE registration fees are low!

9) Favorite sports team growing up: Red Sox, before Ramirez was traded to the Dodgers and subsequently busted for juicing.

10) Go-to pregame meal: The classic spaghetti and meatballs. Tastes better with teammates.

11) My coach is awesome because: Coach Chabot is awesome because of how invested he is in your athletic career; happiest I've ever seen him is after a great performance from our athletes. Clearly holds a lot of passion for the sport and his team. Also understands a lot about our lives as student-athletes and is always willing to work with us when he's making plans for the season.

12) Funniest teammate: Tom Hanlon on a good day, myself on all other days.

13) Favorite or Least Favorite team road trip location: The XC team took a trip to New Jersey in 2017 for a meet at Rowan University. First individual place in each race won a sword! We didn't expect to take home any swords, and most certainly did not. Best part was stopping at Wawa on the way home.

14) If I didn't run XC and track: I'd want to play basketball, but I wouldn't, because I know there's a reason I don't.

15) At our 25-year reunion: I'll be employed, I swear!