Hangin' with the Herd - Women's Basketball's Spencer Vinson

Spencer Vinson, Hangin- With the Herd, Women's Basketball

As part of D3Week, WPI is proud to unveil our newest feature "Hangin' with the Herd".  Check in each day this week as we profile a different WPI student-athlete and learn more about why they chose WPI, they favorite memories of their team and time on Boynton Hill and some fun insight about them away from their sport. 

Today we feature Spencer Vinson from Women's Basketball.  Spencer is a senior center from Los Angeles, CA.  She is majoring in mechanical engineering.

Why did you choose WPI: I chose WPI because I wanted to continue to play basketball at a competitive level while also studying mechanical engineering. I loved the size of WPI and how close everyone was, since I came from a small high school. I really felt a sense of community. 

Favorite Athletics moment at WPI: Senior day 

Favorite Class at WPI: ME2300 because we got to build our own speaker from scratch while learning about marketing strategies. 

Favorite (non-athletics facility) spot at WPI: Library

I wish I knew this on my first day at WPI: How Breaths and depths classes worked 

Favorite emoji: ��

Guilty Pleasure (TV/Movie): Insecure/Any Marvel movie

Favorite sports team growing up: LA Lakers

Go-to pregame meal: Chicken and rice

My coach is awesome because: She is always quick to help with anything we need, whether it's with school, basketball, or health. 

Funniest teammate: They're all pretty funny. So they definitely keep the days interesting. 

Favorite or Least Favorite team road trip location: Favorite road trip = trip heading back from Maine 

If I didn't play my current sport I would want to play: Swimming

At our 25-year reunion, I will be: Hopefully owning a business with a merch line and will have traveled the world.