Hangin' with the Herd - Women's Soccer's Sofia Orrico

Sofia Orrico

WPI is proud to unveil our newest feature "Hangin' with the Herd".  Check in throughout the next few weeks as we profile a different WPI student-athlete and learn more about why they chose WPI, they favorite memories of their team and time on Boynton Hill and some fun insight about them away from their sport. 

Today we feature Sofia Orrico from Women's Soccer. Sofia is a junior from Bethel, CT.  She is majoring in biomedical engineering.

1) Why did you choose WPI: The welcoming and collaborative atmosphere was clear to me from the first time I came to campus. I chose WPI to become a well rounded individual and the best version of myself. I knew WPI would push me as a student, athlete and person. Everyone at WPI wants to be here and wants to succeed.  

2) Favorite Athletics moment at WPI: Trinity win in the regular season & our 2019 playoff run 

3) Favorite Class at WPI: Skeletal Biomechanics 

4) Favorite (non-athletics facility) spot at WPI: Quad in warm weather 

5) I wish I knew this on my first day at WPI: Your outlook calendar will be your best friend. 

6) Guilty Pleasure (TV/Movie): Friends! 

7) Someone famous/interesting who follows me on Social media: @twofriendsmusic!!! & I love their mixes!! 

8) Favorite sports team growing up: USWNT & Yankees 

9) Go-to pregame ritual: Brushing my teeth 

10) My coach is awesome because: She instills an amazing culture from the start of joining the program. There will always be people who will help you when you're feeling down but also really celebrate when you do something well. There is this consistent mindset and passion in practices, games, on and off the field. 

11) Funniest teammate: Leah Beauton  

12) If I didn't play my current sport I would want to play: Lacrosse or Basketball or Track, all/any of the above 

13) At our 25-year reunion, I will be: staying happy, healthy, and still as close to the friends I made here at WPI.